Reiki Center of Venice

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'S' Energy Systems

About Sacred Breath Certification

A Journey of Remembering

The Sacred Breath energy system was created by Wanda S. Ruffner in the hopes that for some, it would be a place of comfirt, sharing of hearts and possibly a reawakening to seomthing deep within us all.

This is a place of balance of breath-body, mind, and spirit.

This system of natural healing includes knowledge of the MoQui (Mo-Key) Marbles/Mochi Balls and the Golden Eagle Feather.

Manual contains 73 pages of information including hand positions, attunements, initiation processes and a sampling of attributes or medicine of some of the wingeds that share our planet.

Cost of Course is $49 and manual and certificate will be emailed to you.

Sacred Geometry Reiki-$60

Cost for Certification: $60

Sapphires of Angels-$45

Cost for Certification: $45

Seven Rays-$45

Cost for Certification: $45

Shamballa Initiations Manual-$25

Cost for Certification: $25

Shamballa Reiki MD-$50

Cost for Certification: $50

Silver Violet-$25

Cost for Certification: $25

Snow White Healing-$25

Cost for Certification: $25

Solar Light I and II Empowerments-$25

Cost for Certification: $25


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