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Karuna Reiki by William Rand

Karuna Reiki

The Karuna system of Reiki was developed by William L. Rand. The symbols were channeled by several Reiki masters, including Marcy Miller, Kellie-Ray Marine, Pat Courtney, Catherine Mills Bellamont, and Marla Abraham.

William used the symbols and found them to have value, but felt they had greater potential than had been previously accessed. He meditated on them and was guided to develop the attunement process and to call the new system Karuna Reiki. Some of the symbols used in Karuna Reiki are used in other systems, but they do not have the same effectiveness or healing energies as in the Karuna system.

Karuna Reiki energy is different than Usui Reiki and in fact, most students find it more powerful than Usui Reiki! The energy has a more definite feeling to it and works on all the energy bodies at the same time. Students report a feeling that the energy surrounds them and the client instead of simply flowing through them It also has a grounding effect. Those who receive the attunements often report experiences with their guides, angels, and higher self and feel the healing presence of other enlightened beings.


To become a registered Karuna Reiki Master, one must already be a Reiki Master (from any lineage). Karuna Reiki may be taught in 1-4 different levels or all in one weekend.

If you are interested in scheduling a class for yourself-please contact me at (941)-497-7795 or drop me an e-mail at

My Karuna Reiki Lineage

William L. Rand
Mary Lou Simi Rudner
Sandra Nastanski
Francine Milford


William Rand from the International Center for Reiki Training


Sorry-Karuna Reiki must be taught in person only. But see note below.

But if you like this energy and want to learn through distance learning, please consider a course in Karuna Ki.

Karuna Ki contains the same symbols as the Karuna Reiki course does but can be taught through distant learning and is only $25. Please click on the button 'Karuna Ki' on the left.

Karuna Ki