Reiki Center of Venice

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'K' Energy Systems

     * Kaballah Reiki

    * Kahi Loa

    * Karuna Ki

    * Ki Manna Reiki

    * Knights Templar

    * Kormanu

    * Kundalini Reiki

    * Kundalini Boosters


Kaballah Reiki

Cost of Course: $25

Course includes emailed manual, attunement and certificate.

Kahi Loa

Cost of Course: $25

Course includes emailed manual, attunements and certificate.

Karuna Ki 

Karuna Ki is a manual by Vinvent Amador and designed as the next step in training for Reiki Masters. Karuna Ki evolved from other Karuna arts and is a process of 2 attunements which deepens the healing ability of the practitioner. A series of 11 symbols are used in this system of natural healing which are very, very powerful.

Includes Breath of the Fire Dragon, Karuna Ki Compassion Meditation, the original Sai Baba Reiki attunement process, and more....Cost of Course: $25

Course includes emailed manual, 2 attunements and certificate.

Ki Manna

Ki Manna Reiki was created by Leonie Faye.

Ki Manna is all about you, and the power that you have because you a being of the light. It is about the essence and the widsom that you possess as a healer, teacher and spiritual soul.

Learn about the Ki Manna Touch, symbol, the 11 master number frequencies, color, the Ki Manna Massage and Kundalini rising.