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Ascension Reiki

This Reiki system was created by Jayson and Leslie. Ascension Reiki attunes the total anatomy of the higher self. The first eight attunements of Ascension Reiki attune the eight anatomical aspects of the Higher Self.

The ninth degree attunement attunes the Higher Self. This step by step process opens the natural anatomical energy pathways in each individual to allow the Reiki current to flow freely and automatically with the intent to heal.

There is no prerequisites for this course.The first degree attunes the Acting Body and is the first degree in Usui Reiki.

The second degree attunes the Thinking Body and is the second degree in Usui Reiki.

The third degree attunes the Feeling Body and is the third degree in Usui Reiki.

The fourth degree attunes the first portal (chakra) over the head and inables you to teach and pass attunements for the first four degrees.

The fifth degree attunes the second portal above the head and allows you to teach and pass attunements up to and including the fifth level.

The sixth degree attunes the third portal above the head and allows you to teach attune up to the sixth degree.

The seventh degree attunes the fourth portal and allows you to teach and attune up to the seventh degree.

The eighth degree attunes the fifth portal above the head and allows you to teach and attune up to the eighth degree.

The ninth degree attunes to the sixth portal and allows you to teach and pass all the previous eight attunements.

Distant Classes only (on-site classes are more):

$25 First Degree, $25 Second Degree,  $25 Third Degree,  $25 Fourth Degree

All four listed above for $75

$25 Fifth Degree, $25 Sixth Degree, $25 Seventh Degree , $50 Eighth Degree, $50 Ninth Degree (Final with attunement process-if you received all other attunements at the Reiki Center of Venice.)



Ascension Reiki All Levels of Training

Purchase all 9 attunements at one time for $ 125

All manuals, attunements, and certificates will be sent by email.


Reiki Center of Venice


Venice, Fl. 34293



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