2020 Tuning Fork Sale

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2020 End of Year Clearance Sale


     LIMITED QUANTITIES – Please only order one unless you call ahead to see if there are more available. Drop me an email to ‘hold’ your items for you.


*Shipment is to U.S. residents only at the postage stated. Drop me an email at FrancineMilford@cs.com if you would like to receive an invoice for combining orders so that you can $$$ on postage. Several tuning forks can fit in to one flat rate box.


Item on Clearance

Price + U.S. Postage

60 Hz Tuning Fork (weighted)

$30 plus $15.99

100 Hz Tuning Fork (weighted)

$30 plus $7.99



200 Hz Tuning Fork (weighted)

$30 plus $7.99

432 Hz Tuning Fork Unweighted-2 left

$12 plus $7.99

432 Hz Tuning Fork (weighted)-1 left

$20 plus $7.99

Astro Mental Weighted Tuning Fork-weighted


$20 plus $7.99


Body Organ Set-11piece-Medivibe-unweighted




Bone OM tuning fork from Medivibe (weighted)-1 left

$25 plus $15.99



Chakra Set (unweighted)-1 GOLD-8pc -1 only

$150.00 plus $15.99

Chakra Set (weighted)-GOLD-8pc-1 only

$250 plus $15.99

Crystal Tuning Fork from India-GOLD-1 only

$25 plus $5.99

Crystal Tuning fork from Medivibe-longer handle-l left

$20 plus $5.99

Crystal Tuning Fork from Biosonics-5 left

$25 plus $5.99

D & A Tuners-2pc set-Unweighted-only 3 left

$20 plus $7.99

Dan Tien (unweighted) Tuning Fork-1 left

$12 plus $7.99

Fibonacci 8pc tuning fork set-Unweighted-only 1


Genesis tuning fork-unweighted-only 1 (GOLD)

$25 plus $7.99

Harmonic Music Set-11pc-Beginner/Economy set-only 1


Harmonic 8pc set-weighted-opened-only 1


Harmonic 8pc set-student set-opened-only 1



$150 plus $15.99


$ 35 plus $10.99


Mineral 11pc tuning fork set (unweighted)-only 1

$125 plus $15.99

Mineral 11pc tuning fork set (weighted)-only 1

$225 plus $15.99

OM tuning fork (weighted)-India

$39.99 plus $7.99

OM tuning fork (unweighted)-India

$12.00 plus $7.99

OM 136.10 weighted tuning fork-GOLD-only 1

$39.99 plus $7.99

OM – LOW-68.05Hz-2 left

$25.00 plus $7.99

OM –COSMIC-(unweighted)-2 left

$20 plus $7.99

Qi Activation tuning fork (weighted)-1 left

$20 plus $7.99



EMPTY velvet tuning fork cases-ONLY


1 Blue case-no writing on it-8” long

$5 plus $4.99

1 Blue case-NERVE written on it-14” long-5 left

$5 plus $4.99

1 Blue case-Bone written on it-14” long-1 left

$5 plus $4.99

1 Sharp blue case

$10 plus $7.99



Biosonic DVDs


Biosonic Video-Brand New-Voice Energetics-only 1

$10 plus $4.99






good while supplies last---once gone---they are gone



Order several items at one time to save on postage

Email me first to be sure that I still have item on hand.