Reiki Center of Venice offers Feng Shui items for balance, wealth and happiness for your home or office

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What is Feng Shui?

The word, Feng Shui, is pronounced (Fung Shway).

Feng Shui comes from China and it is an ancient system that helps to improve your health, relationships and business through the use of correct placement of items. When you have good Feng Shui, you and your family are healthy and happy and all is harmonious in your world and your business is successful with happy and healthy employees. When Feng Shui is bad, then your health can suffer, you may feel stress and depressed and overall miserable with your life.

There are many areas of our homes that are most affected by bad Feng Shui. One of them is the bathroom. You can change the Feng Shui of your bathrooms by adding crystals, bright colors (especially those that move like a spiral or windchime), or even by adding a plant or other living thing.

If you feel that you have a corner of a room that has stagnate energy in it-or if you find a room of your home where a lot of arguments or unhappiness seems to end up-then a windchime placed in that space can help move the negative energy out of it.

Feng Shui Wall Clock


Yin Yang Stress Ball

Stress Balls.

$3 each plus U.S. postage of $3.99.

Yin Yang Windchimes

Money Envelopes