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Gold Finish Tuning Forks

       No, these tuning forks are NOT dipped in real gold but they are made from an aluminium metal and are anodized with a gold coating finish instead of the usual silver finish.

       Having the additional value of the color gold in your healing session, practitioners can enjoy combining color with sound and vibrational therapy.


The color GOLD adds:

     Wisdom, Wealth, Unity, Enlightenment, Success, Knowledge, Optimism


Use Gold to Sedate too much Indigo (depression, forgetfulness, sense of separation, superstitious)



            If you have ever seen some of the Catholic pictures of Jesus Christ and even his mother, Mary, you will see golden rays emanating from their hands and feet. This is the Gold chakra. In this case, the color gold was seen as spiritual. Even the halos that surround the saints are golden.

            If you are ever able to see an aura of someone who is teaching, you will be able to catch glimpses of the color gold in their aura. This gold symbolizes knowledge and mental activity.

            The color gold has long been a symbol of personal and business success and achievement. It is a color of the wealthy and well-to-do. It is a color that is highly prized for the prestige and affluence that it brings. Of course, these things are all in a material form.

            Gold represent the sun and in so doing, represents the masculine. (The color silver is linked to moon and as such, is then associated with the feminine).

            When in balance, the color gold is associated with generosity, compassion, wisdom, knowledge, spirituality, confidence, wealth, understanding of self, abundance, passion, optimistic, and victory.

            When out of balance, the color gold is associated with fear of success, fear of failure, stinginess, demanding, untrustworthy, miserly, selfishness, ego-centered, falsehood, and mean-spiritedness.


Use Gold to:

  • Inspire
  • Knowledge
  • Deepen understanding of self
  • Deepen understanding of the soul
  • Generosity
  • Wisdom
  • Teach others
  • Material wealth
  • Spiritual teachings
  • Value
  • Success
  • Abundance
  • Self-worth
  • Compassion
  • Optimistic
  • Positive
  • Deep joy
  • Trustworthiness
  • Holiness





Gold Finish Crystal Fork

Gold Finish Crystal Fork

Brand new from India

Cost $39 plus $6.99 U.S. postage.




50 Hz Gold Finish Fork

Gold Finish 50 Hz Tuning Fork

Use on bones, meridian system, etc.

Brand New

Comes in Unmarked Blue Case.

Cost is $55.00 plus $9.99 U.S. postage.




Gold Finish OM Fork

Gold FInish OM tuning fork

136.10 Hz.

Brand New

Cost: $50 plus $7.99.




Gold Finish Genesis Fork

Gold Finish Genesis Tuning Fork

Brand New

Cost: $30 plus $6.99 postage.











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