Reiki Center of Venice offers Shiva Lingam products

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About the Shiva Lingam

A symbol that represents the ‘Formless’ (or ‘complete one’) is the Shiva Lingam. Sometimes this symbol is also referred to as Shiva Pindi-the Universe Bearer.


The Shiva Linham is an oval shaped stone that is said to resemble the Universe and containing all of the power of said universe within it. It comes from the Sankskri word lingam, meaning “mark” or “sign.” Shiva comes from the Hindu and represents the deity Shiva who is worshipped in the temples, this comes from the Hindu scripture, ‘Shiva Purana’ where it is said that the worship of the lingam (loss and recovery of Shiva’s phallus)-or as the endless pillar (cosmis pillar)

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Wirewrapped Shiva Lingams

Wire-wrapped Shiva Lingam Pendants

Cost: $2.99 plus $5.99 U.S. postage


Save when you buy 2 pendants at one time

Cost of 2 pendants: $5.00 plus $5.99 postage. 


Shiva Lingam Stones

We offer the Shiva Lingam stones for sale as either wirewrapped in silver metal or with a hole drilled through it for a neckalce. Either way, the stone will cost $2.99 plus $5.99 postage inside of the U.S. Call for shipping prices outside of the country.

Shiva Lingam Choker

Shiva Lingam Pendant on Black Cord

Cost: $2.99 plus $5.99 U.S. postage


Save $$ when you purchase TWO pendants at one time

Cost of 2 Pendants: $5 plus $5.99 postage