Reiki Center of Venice

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About Advanced Practices I and Special Populations

In addition to the Three level of Usui Reiki training for 8 ce's each, the Reiki Center of Venice offers two additional courses:

  • Advanced Practices I-4 ce's
  • Special Populations-3 ce's

Advanced Reiki Practices I - 4 ce's

Students in this course will develop their breathing patterns to enhance the flow of energy.

Students will practice technique for enhancing their hand's ability to access energy conditions in their client.

Studens will learn new techniques in enhancing their hands-on positions during a Reiki session.

Printed material included in price.

Plenty of hands-on practice. 

Cost of Course: $99 



Reiki for Special Populations - 3 ce's

Students in this course will learn how to provide hand positions for a client in a seated position for those clients who can not lay on a massage table.

Students will learn hand positions for women with a masectomy.

Students will learn hand positions for clients with spinal injuries.

Cost of LIVE Class: $79